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 Workforce Fitness is a PR Opportunity

Abel Associates knows public relations. We understand that public relations is all about perception and perception is reality. How your internal publics (employees) and external publics (clients, prospects, vendors, etc.) see you reflects directly on your public image.

Studies show that people who are fit are viewed much more positively than unfit people. So if your workforce is fit, your external publics will have a more positive image of you. Studies also show unfit workers cost companies billions of dollars annually in absenteeism, lost productivity and higher healthcare costs. Companies that help their workforce become healthier are sending a message that they care. Employees who feel valued and respected are more loyal and that saves companies money in lower turnover. The bottom line is that a fit workforce is a good investment.

Thatís why the founder of Abel Associates has founded Abel Fitness Training, a company dedicated to building healthier workforces and a more positive internal and external public relations image in the process. Click here to learn more about Abel Fitness Training and the services it provides.

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