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What We Look For in Our Clients:

At Abel Associates, we truly have a passion for what we do. So, we like working with clients who have a passion for what they do.

If you believe like Robert Frost, that taking the road less traveled really does make all the difference, you need to take a look at us. If you're a follower and don't want or need to "dare to be different," we're not for you.

If you think effective marketing public relations is a continuous and important commitment, you need to look at us. If you believe it is something you do on an as-needed basis, we aren't the right firm for your needs.

Who We Are:

We are creative (some say a bit weird and warped, but in a good way).

We are fun to work with, and our clients like us as people and professionals.

We have exciting and compelling ideas that get results.

We treat every client like they are our only client by providing unmatched customer service.

Who We Aren't:

We aren't going to ignore you, your needs/goals, and ideas.

We aren't going to treat you like a number.

We aren't the biggest firm in the area or the country.

We aren't difficult to work with, stiff, or up tight.

If you're intrigued by who we are, call us at (859) 586-7939 or e-mail us. We're looking forward to hearing from you, and showing you what we can do to make your business grow.


Abel Associates is focused on and committed to maximizing client value and loyalty. The company is committed to being a leading provider of top quality marketing public relations services and strategies. The firm is committed to continuously improving the quality and value of the service it provides and to set itself apart from competitors through its community service philosophy, personalized service and accessibility, and creative and strategic ideas that improve our clients' bottomlines.


Abel Associates works with and seeks out clients whose vision, corporate philosophy, and work ethic are compatible to its own. The company's clients are leaders in their field, not always the biggest, but certainly best of class. They are proactive, not reactive. They are dedicated to the community and are committed to performing community service because it's the right thing to do and it enriches their lives, their employees' lives, and the community at large.

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